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    Tuesday, January 23, 2007

    Diagnosis Disneyland: Lines and More Lines

    The Re-Imagineering blog (Pixar and Disney employees going at it over the design of the Disney parks) has a great post on the fact that you have to wait in five lines just to get into Disneyland. The employees banter on about the missteps of the planning while offering tenable practical solutions. Amazing amount of thought clearly has gone into getting people pre-conditioned to waiting in lines. Either that or extremely poor planning, but betting on Disney I am sure it has been thought. This blog is a great example of collective thinking. Most notably discussed are the 5 lines and average of 30-60 minute wait to get into the park. Also discussed is the parking garage which is the first and last experience of the trip. This vital environment, amazingly remains a barren place of concrete and asphalt, void of any Disney presence.

    I think this demonstrates the potential power of blogs as a brand health diagnostic tool. In this case it has a dual purpose for consumers and internally for the company. Its a looking glass straight to a potential problem for the brand. Potential visitors can plan ahead with a little digging to find an accurate line prediction time. It also allows employees to voice their opinions in a forum with other employees, creating a collective voice and implementing change. Blogs like this a great look at any potential "health" risks to a brand.
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