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    Monday, January 08, 2007

    Content Creation: 3D printing

    While content creators have a vast digital landscape to create, many times they are limited by the output methods. This is all about to change. Many believe, including Chris Anderson author of The Long Tail that three dimensional printing could be the future. While 99.9% of printers these days output on good ol paper (weeping trees), printers in the future could carve carbon to allow people to create physical objects. From that point, its only a short hop skip and jump till consumers are creating all kinds of content on their printers. Sears now has 3D printing in the form of this $1800 computer-controlled Craftsman CNC machine. It can "print" your 3D designs on wood and other materials, either from a direct PC hookup or a memory card. Amazing possibilities here in content creation. One day someone may be able to create a 3D object, email it, and have someone print the object on their 3d paper, eliminating many logistics problems. Its not exactly a teleporter, but might eliminate some needs for one. Carpenters are lamenting everywhere as we speak.
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