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    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    NYC Snowboards

    Gotta give credit to NYC Parks & Rec. They can do things most others can't. That includes throwing not one but two, huge snowboarding rail jibbing huckfests in the middle of New York City. On Thursday, February 8th, the world's top pro riders will converge upon NYC's Union Square to compete in the city's first ever major pro snowboarding competition. The Union Square Street Sessions presented by(insert wanna-be-cool sponsorship here) Jeep will attract top snowboarding pros such as Marc Frank Montoya, Eddie Wall, and Lucas Magoon to compete Head-to-Head for a prize purse of $30,000. 24 Men and 8 Women will participate in a rail jam format on a customized urban rail, the largest ever built in NYC. The custom rail is being built at the Jib Lab in Mountain Creek NJ(clearly jersey is the capital of snowboarding). On February 10th the city is throwing its WinterJam which is open to those who won't sue the city should they rack themselves on the rail. Oh Yeah! San Francisco already did this in a much cooler way (they have real hills) as pointed out on the Lifefilter right here at Icer 2005. So laugh in the face of global warming with the rest of the New Yorkers, as the event will go on snow or no snow.

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    Winter Jam
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