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    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    Shepard Fairey Gives Us a Lesson in Phenomenology

    An icon in his own right, Shepard Fairey is now on G4 talking about his philosophy and some of his latest happenings. There is a second part floating around the net somewhere, when today gets a little less crazy i will see if i can post it. Shepard is the genius behind OBEY, a now worldwide phenomena that started as a simple stencil on the street. No other brand has had success stemming from a street marketing campaign of this manner. The great thing is that Shepard is still a down to earth guy after all his success and times in jail. These days as Obey reaches the mainstream, people groan that it isn't cool, but that really doesn't take away how it has been a grassroots success. Many brands are siphoning his slogan too (hint: see sprite's newly hijacked tag) If you have a Shepard fact, feel free to post it in the comments below. Oh and i have the ONLY photo of Shepard's latest pasting from nyc. Posted in Williamsbury during this very signing, its not even up on Wooster yet. Just click on my Flickr link and its one of the most recent shots.
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