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    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    I know what it means...

    Well at the time i did. SUPER street fighter II that is. But then again, im not your average person. I played my share of video games back in my heyday. Ok well i still play excessive amounts of halo2, but has a hilarious retrospective look at awesomely bad advertisement's from gaming's rad 90's. All these ads proliferated the gaming mags of yesteryear. Ziff DAvis, the largest publisher of these sorts, is supposdly looking to share what built its congolomerate(not the online stuff where blogs like and are leading the charge now). TIme's have changed and while i don't think that online ads for games have made any revolutionary leaps from then, take a look at these horrible horrible ads (ok i like metroid) and drift off to a place far, far away. Looks like bad advertising is timeless..
    So Awesome It Hurts
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