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    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    iPhone is an iPod therefore iTalking?

    Apple is up to its usual innovative self with the WWDC approaching. The net is abuzz with rumors flying. Everyone wants to believe that the iphone aka iChatMobile aka iCall is going to be launched. Us cynics merely believe the latest MacBook pro will launch with an updated processor. I firmly belive Apple will launch something cool and it wont just be an iPod. Engadget has a plethora of articles right now about rumors. Everyone wants the iPhone and talk has been going on since the iPod's birth about the integration of the two devices. Sony has made some headway with its Walkman phones, and Microsoft's Zune is expected to seriously challenge Apple in the digital music department(wi-fi capabilities could be a huge impact). Can Apple pull another rabbit out of its hat? I firmly believe so, since Apple has always been about innovation and not merely catering to the market. It will also take some heat off Apple, who has us zealots still screaming for the fullscreen video iPod.Much of the problem is there are way too many user-generated concepts floating around the net. With photoshop anyone can create a good-looking mock-up. Only time will tell.
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