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    Friday, August 04, 2006

    Ad Not? Smirnoff's latest ad fails

    Smirnoff has created a hip-hop parody music video for a new smirnoff tea line. The video was passed along to me serveral days ago by a colleague at mid-size ad shop. My first glance i had the sound very low and i thought it was quite humorous. The film quality connotates that it is clearly an expensive production. Only yesterday we gathered around our office to watch Smirnoff's newest ad..Turns out it was Tea Partay. The beauty of Youtube has propagated it about 50000 times so far in two days. Not bad, but who knows if its really reaching its target. Also its very risky to produce an expensive music video, only to throw it out into cyberspace's infinite void. Now what? Surely the video will continue to be peer shared in a viral way and generate some nice numbers. This will be a nice test of Youtube to see how effective it can be in generating awareness into sales. If smirnoff is happy to piss away money through a video that isnt really branding or establishing a clear sale, then it could fail eventually only being known as the tea party video. I myself don't think there is enough brand mention or graphic treatment in establishing a new brand to create a lasting impression on the general consumer. Also it's not clear that its an ad, barring only a website mention. That spells obscurity to me.
    Tea Partaaaaay
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    zaitsev1955,  8:53 AM  

    I disagree whole heartedly. I watched this ad and I will not forget Smirnoff's at all. I will immediately think of the brand when I buy vodka.

    Ross Cidlowski 6:38 PM  

    Understandable but you have to remember no website existed to further answer brand questions when launched. That is poor, poor execution that is vital to jump-starting sales. Also this is for hard tea, not vodka, so maybe its not even generating awareness properly.



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