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    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Ad NOT part Deux: Smirnoff shows how not to do a viral ad

    Influx while a little late to the game, generously agrees with Lifefilter in that Smirnoff's Tea Partay spot fails miserably (see Aug 4th post). So typically Lifefilter only praises good work and spends no time blatantly fingerpointing bad ones, but this needs a follow-up. Apparently there is no website nor Google keyword buys. In less than a month it has generated about half a million visitors but i think is a more appropriate url. Influx says "a great idea can't exist in a vacuum, it needs other elements around it that add value and can generate sales and loyalty." Damn straight. Not to mention the idea is a blatant rip on lazy sunday. I guess we may never know how many sales were generated from this. We promise no more pub for this ill conceived child. Part III? Stay tuned....
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