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    Thursday, May 11, 2006

    My Big Purchase

    I've just had it with the superrich these days. In case you didn't know submarines are the next frontier, and personal luxury subs are all the rage right now, where undersea boats are approaching the size of cruise ships with all the amenities you could imagine. Get with with it G-money. Via Gizmodo, "For example, U.S. Submarines offers the Phoenix 1000, a 213-foot personal luxury submarine that was originally custom-built for a client but is now for sale at an undisclosed price. There's 5000 feet of living space, with huge viewports on the side. It's capable of transoceanic crossings, and when the weather gets rough, the boat can submerge into a perfectly smooth and quiet environment. Take a look at the company's site, where there's a variety of submarines from which to choose." Costing only $78 million it can be yours! This totally reminds me of Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget...he had a badass sub (like me) too. Where do you even find people to pilot these things? And where are the torpedo tubes in case you need to defend yourself?
    Get It Today...

    Das Boot


    Anonymous,  6:33 PM  

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