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    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    Making your Blog Relevant

    The Ghost Relations Department is an awesomely deep fanatical trivia-blog devoted to the Haunted Mansion rides in the Disney parks. Mansion-otaku type material here. Thats obsessed nerd in japanese for all you commonfolk out there. Talking to a friend the other day, who wanted to do online stuff for a family business, I remembered a common problem with too many marketing solutions. Relevancy. Agencies like Powell do cool stuff, but they never reach anybody, anyone at all, except a few select critics. So if it generates industry buzz or even awards, is that effective? You can answer that one. If choosing an online or any communications messaging for that matter, it needs to resonate with the target. Much of the rise of blogs has to do with this. GRD is an excellent site not just because its cool, but it allows people to go behind the scenes in the process of creating a story. It is incredibly rich and deep. People love stories. Look at the episodic nature of Lost..Its 8 people on an island, one dies every week, and we are going into season 3 now. If this blog were run by a employee of the haunted mansion, i would hail this as a primo brand blog. Brands that can effectively engage ambassadors in this manner create tribes which will carry the brand for them. Crispin has a good job of firestarting ambassadors to start conversations of recent. Ask yourself does your brand engage consumers not merely through selling something, but by immersing them in the brand story?
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