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    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    Cash Money

    Deke McClelland introduces dekePod, his new video podcast devoted to computer graphics, digital imaging, and anything else that happens to spill out of his head. Lasting a mere five minutes, the pilot episode shows you how to scan and open money in Adobe Photoshop. Apparently the latest version of photoshop won't open money scans, but Deke (that trickster) has a secret. Its pretty wild. This podcast blows my mind for 2 reasons. Its pretty darn cool. Media is truly in the hands of the doer these days. People are going to begin plucking there media from everywhere. Getting your voice out will be relatively simple. The reason Google has blossomed is as the digital world becomes cluttered, those picking through have the real power. Unless you just want to make 1000's of fake dollars and buy that power. Take your pick.
    Get Rich Bitch
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