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    Tuesday, May 23, 2006


    What happens when 2 of the most innovative companies come together? An updated pedometer!!! sweeet... Well for all of you with a Nano (apparently us 3rd gen mac loyalists are out in the cold..completely) It seems to be a complete running system which allows you to track your workouts, compare and as apple says "compete" (online??) It also allows you to track performances and upload workout mixes. Basically the peeps at nike and apple acknowledged each other, and filled a nice niche here. *I only hope the product is available on my ipod bc/ this is why i got the damn thing. Also the nike shoes have a cavity for the sensor to go in (but do you really need the shoe or can you tape it to your foot?). Personally i think that apple wins out here. It seems to me nike is trying to cash in on the ipod craze. shameless nike, shameless. Why don't you release those green denim dunks and keep the family happy? Full details below on the apple site.
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