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    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    How much for that Wii in the window?

    Im always yammering about the existence of convergence. To the utter disgust of my gf, i have been swept up in the latest console wars. (Im a bungie/halo fan so I will leave it at that). Curmudgeon Gamer put together this above inflationary chart graphing the price of all major consoles according to relative prices. So how bad is the PS3? As you can see above, the only consoles in the last twenty years more expensive than ithe PS3 are the Neo-Geo and 3DO... Gizmodo states that the "two consoles that obviously never controlled the market. Goping back to the late 70's and early 80's, there are a few consoles that were more expensive... but that's back in the days when video game consoles were still being built out of the shattered femurs of neolithic monkey men. Also note that, despite Sony's claims, the PS2 was a good 250 bucks cheaper in inflationary dollars." I remember shelling out 300 bones for an xbox and boy was that thing worth it. Another note is that nintendo's have been 200 bucks since the dawn of time.
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