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    Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    TV Next?

    Last week Channel 4 'aired' their new IT Show one week before its broadcast on TV. Now Nickelodeon and Comedy Central are putting shows on iTunes before they are shown on television, tells us. Nickelodeon just put a new episode of Zoey 101 called "Girls Will Be Boys" ahead of its January 29th network debut and Comedy Central will put a new episode of "Drawn Together" three days before its February 1 network debut. Fantastic! Can we please take the box off its pedestal? Wonder how this will impact the price of flatscreen TV's as it becomes less of THE source. On the otherhand who enjoys watching shows on an iPod if you have the option of a flatscreen megatron? Add another choice to the sensory input lineup as well as Apple's campaign to get into our living room. Think of a company better moving forward into our lives than Apple?
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