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    Wednesday, February 22, 2006

    be heard

    This is old-hat by now but, Tunecore is a music publishing service that allows any artist to sell their music on two of the most powerful music sellers: iTunes and Rhapsody. Their system allows music artists to upload their tunes to their site and then sell via the music retail giants without taking any rights nor proceeds from the sale. Yet another middleman in the music world, but one that at least gets you a venue. I find this the update of the promoter, yet with out the cheesy/sleazy side. And i dont think it wipes them out completely either.
    hear ye hear ye


    Peter Wells 2:06 AM  

    Hope we're not old hat yet, we just went live a few weeks ago!

    Thanks for the good words. If you've any questions about us, feel free to trop me a line. Thanks!




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