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    Thursday, February 09, 2006


    Back in October 05 Piers on PSFK talked about the Battle For The Bulge - a battle in terms of portable media and telecoms, and the advantage Apple has in the market:
    "Apple can defend its position in the short term through iTunes. It stops the phone brands in their tracks. But consider iTunes as an early version of Windows - it's an inflexible monopolistic proprietary system just waiting to be cracked and reworked over by some Linux dudes." Now, some dudes have started to crack iTunes, Boing Boing reports. A team have released a preview edition of Songbird: a desktop media player that offers an open source alternative to services like Apple's iTunes and the Windows Media Player. Instead of connecting to one locked store full of DRMmed goods, it can connect to any and all available music (and video) on the internet. Ahh technology by us for us. Gotta love those linux guys, always crackin, always producing. While few of us have issues with itunes and its protection, its great to have a player that lets you download(i dont condone this) in one application.

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