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    Tuesday, February 07, 2006

    The Life(style) Company

    Honda announced it will began building a new fuel cell vehicle, with the first Honda FCX model hydrogen-powered fuel cell car rolling off the assembly line “within three or four years.” Along with unique ways of arranging the fuel cells within the vehicle, Honda also dreamed up an idea for obtaining the hydrogen necessary to fuel this baby.

    Called the Home Energy Station, it gins up hydrogen right there in your garage, converting it from readily-available natural gas. Not only would you be able to use that hydrogen for the vehicle, you could also use it in fuel cells that would provide electricity for your house as well. Tanks positioned under the car’s trunk will hold enough hydrogen to keep its fuel cells humming for 350 miles. Honda says this system can save 50% on not only vehicle fuel bills, but household electricity, too.

    By the way, also inside the Honda FCX concept car at the Detroit Auto Show was a 3D-rendering navigation system, whose point of view hovers at street level when you’re turning, but returns to a bird’s-eye view for long cruises. This is amazing. Honda is truly becoming a lifestyle innovation company. Why can't any American companies come up with these types of things? Clearly there is a market for it. Clearly the future of fuel dependency is not wood chips at Bush suggested. Kudos to Honda for going lightyears beyond.
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