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    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    Reef Dram Sandals: Innovation Flip or Flop?

    Reef is one of the more visible surfing lifestyle brands, despite mainly making footwear and only in the last few years expanding its clothing line for males. Many of my shredding friends swear Reefs as the most comfortable sandal. We all know that Rainbows are actually the most comforting sandal we can put on our feet. The Reef DRAM sandal has a "POLYURETHANE ENCAPSULATED CANTEEN IN HEEL WITH SCREW CAP" aka......heel flask. So i can store liquid in my feet?? This isn't Reef's first foray into mixing sandals with drinking. Is this a true innovation 1up on the beer hat? Clearly Reef knows its target isnt just guys who surf and party, but all drinking guys who might need a nightcap handy. Slightly gimmicky, but you have to applaud Reef for colliding unlikely worlds of drinking and footwear here. This is quite a creative example of enlarging the target on a niche brand. It may not break Reef out as a lifestyle brand yet or be a true game-changing innovation, bu it is another fine addition to a growing footwear party line.


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