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    Monday, March 26, 2007

    Holding It Down: NYC

    Gotta love NYC. World's best place for people-watching. Had a great weekend of hanging out in the city and was able to take quite a few fantastic photos of people meandering around the city. This one struck us more than any other. It appeared to be part of a photo-shoot down on spring street with 20 kids chatting, while other kids skated and two camera guys running around amongst them. Not sure what urban brand this was, but am anxiously looking forward to see a catalog drop with this scene. The social dynamics of the group were absolutely incredible, and it not for the cameras you would have thought this was block party. This guy stood out like a sore thumb, decked to the hilt with this color-coordinated Adidas-laden outfit. Very Americanized-Yakuza urban NYC streetnik. His commanding presence was even further cemented with the toy AK-47 he had propped on the wall. Other members of the shoot seemed intimidated around him. Maybe he was the boss? I was really dying to know who were these people and what exactly was going on?

    This picture typifies new york city to me on so many levels with the crazy color coordinated outfits to the barrage of pop-culture graffiti (see mike tyson)on the walls to the phone texting communications, best enjoyed with a beverage of choice. This area is a magnet for graffiti and artistic types, as the wall looks like a graf-warzone. Also the proliferation of things such as toy guns in our society is a pretty scary notion, even more so in an urban environment where i haven't seen that many guns or weapons. NC has quite a bit more and let me tell you i feel much safer there too. It assumes that we have become numb to the everyday inclusion of violence in our headlines as well as amongst us. Was truly a sight to behold and love this image for so many cultural reasons. This is what we call holding it down! Stay tuned for more shots from our jaunt this weekend.


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