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    Monday, March 12, 2007

    History of Brand(ing)s

    So often history seems to repeat itself. Once a history major myself, i am amazed at how far we progress as a society, yet we often repeat the mistakes of the past. The same holds true for advertising. Look at what CPB did for Burger King. They squarely questioned why he lived in the brand name and not the brand for 20 years. Go back to your roots man. I digress...., but along comes a site dedicated to educating folk on the world's most powerful brands. While its title is a bit misleading (its not so much a history on branding, as it is a time capsule on the brand's histories), it is still a a relevant and comprehensive peek at some of the world's biggest and relevant corporations. I love the graphical interface, nothing like a little logo comparison! [found via Faris]





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