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    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Vice TV

    Vice has taken it upon its(hilariously and questionable sober self)to launch a video portal. The favored hipster magazine is aiming to attract new users and move its base onto the internet. The streams look really really good, and it definitely looks better than the youtubers of the world. Content is straight-on classic Vice such as David Cross making fun of some guy's tattoos, a documentary on a cute female taxidermist, and a series of documentary shorts by Jackass videographer and Spike Jonez/Michel Gondry documentarian Lance Bangs. Spike is the executive Creative Director, meaning this ship won't stray too far and should have a wealth of clips in no time. That is unless hipsters revolt against technology and cameras again( it happened in brooklyn let me tell you!).

    Will we see more brands seek to establish themselves as the master's of their content? Certainly as digital identity management (PSFK's redcoat theory) becomes more important, brands might seek to retain there content closer to the source. Could too many media channels create disfigured/mismanaged brands?

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