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    Monday, February 26, 2007

    Lifefilter: Sapporo Design the Night Work

    We generally disagree with dicussing our work on the blog. Enough time has passed and the campaign is old by now, so we dont give a...Plus we are particularly fond and proud of our work for this client.

    A year or so back we had an amazing opportunity to work on the Sapporo brand. These guys were a fantastic client and it was an excellent rebranding opportunity. When at MFP (its heyday with best the roofdeck in the city) I had a quite the talented crew to help with everything from party planning to video mixing. Finally we were able to post 2 bits up on Youtube. The first is a Sapporo brand video I created internally. We ended up presenting it to the client at their annual strategy meeting. Videos like this can really help bring a strategy to life, as well as invigorate a client and their subsequent associates. This was mixed by the wonderfully talented Ali Mao.

    The second video is more eye candy than anything. Created by our A/V whiz Gary Waldinger, he morphed these images into a sweet medley of liquid sunshine for our hip club patrons. Gary can pretty much solve any video need you might have, so drop us a line if thinking about creating a brand video to a commercial. A component of our strategy involved product seeding at underground establishments and we often found ourselves staring at dark tv screens. Occasionally you will see another component pop up in the photo section, but to stop the emails now, no the shoes aren't avaiable for purchase. So we just thought we would throw it up on Youtube where it can get anonymously lost in the mix of videos created by 11 year-olds with nothing better to do. Oh and we have no idea why youtube has butchered our logo but if you really miss it just check out our other clips.

    Design The Night
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    E. 4:25 PM  

    cool stuff!
    who did the illos, Jame Jean?

    Ross Cidlowski 11:31 PM  

    The artist was a local chick from brooklyn. Really great style. I will have to check with the crew and then i will post it up here.



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