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    Friday, February 23, 2007

    Free La Fonera Unboxing

    Several weeks ago we signed up for the free La Fonera cited by Gizmodo. I had signed up for La Fon about a year ago and got a very normal looking Linksys router with instructions on a piece of paper. I kid you not and its still under my couch today. La Fon allows you to securely and fairly share your WiFi with FON, the largest WiFi community in the world, and get your own private encrypted connection. The idea is at home you are king of your wifi, but on the road you must beg for it. So if you share it at home, on the road you can borrow from another fonera. Um yeah. The b/g router has both a private and public access point, and you can share your broadband with strangers in exchange for free access to other Fon user's APs around the world, or for cash when non-Fon users pony up. Yada Yada Yada. This is great for Europe and urban areas with close proximity but in the wild wests of America, the range probably won't do diddly.

    As you can see from the unboxing the router is quite small, but looks nice compared to every router except the Apple stuff. I think its pretty rad i can get a "free" router but i actually believe in the Fon proposition. I think that wifi should be free, just like a library card and i think this is a great way to do. Not that i support some brand making money off of it, but in spreading the goodness of the Net. Course this won't in places like Mountain View CA where google has the place blanketed with wifi, but its something to watch. Will setup up soon and let everyone know if this device does anything notable.

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