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    Monday, February 05, 2007

    Super Bowl Ad Watch: Aftermath

    Thorough disappointment with last night's SuperBowl ad spots. The ads weren't particularly good, nor were they particularly bad but they didn't make a statement either way. Major letdown all around. A few solid ones in there. Maybe next year can be slightly memorable.

    This is the preview clip but i actually like Ford's spots (first time ever). The assembly one was a pretty cool take and it caught my eye.

    Theme: Animals, animals, and more animals. Everyone seemed to be taking the happy safe route with humanized creatures. Overkill.

    I thought this was hilarious. Goodby delivers the goods here. Best ad of the night strategically too.

    Theme: Animals. Budweiser seems to be taking this weird direction. Animals or strange situations that remind people of the logo which is some crown for king of beers. They don't play the King up like BK though, which has really done well with the notion of the king. Budweiser gets a smile, but no sales from me.

    Cool: Coke was out in full force and this ad had some really nice CGI. Nice spot, not spectacular but good.

    Ad Recap on Gizmodo
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