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    Friday, November 17, 2006

    Guerrilla Gardening: Consumers on the Loose

    Today's generation of DIYers is driving culture and brands in more ways than imagined. Everything from homemade electric cars and rollercoasters to computers and clothes is being produced by consumers who would rather do it themselves. Influx had a great post on how consumers dissatisfied with the brand offerings from corporations, consumers are coming together to create their own brands and products. These consumers are looking for something different; it can be a radical new product, a personalized limited edition item and/or to be more engaged in the process of production. As influx states "Know How" used to be exclusive; only corporations had it and they rarely gave it away. There were things called 'trade secrets" and "corporate espionage', now information is out and available and if you want to make something it's pretty easy to find out how you can do it yourself, or find someone who can do it for you." A great idea has started across the pond called Guerilla Gardening. Technically its illicit cultivation, but the motivation behind this is to wage a war on neglected public space. They search out neglected gardens, trees, or any public shrubs and give them the love and respect they deserve. I hardly doubt they encounter any haters either! This graffiti gardening is quite a reflection on society itself. The rise of tagging is a great phenomena thats really exploded only in the last 5 years. Not only does it nod to our waning attention spans and quick hits, but its a great organizational system thats waaaay better than the dewey decimal system. Graffiti is or can be technically "the tagging or modification of public space". Guerilla Gardening is a great beautification program that tags public space in a better way. Wanna help to save the earth in your town or city?



    Laine 11:08 PM  

    This is every urban planner's dream come true. Citizens engaging and working to improve public spaces, even in the face of a lacking response from public officials.

    ross 11:59 AM  

    If only this were every citizen's dream, to create a less polluted filled world through better active uptake of our natural resources..



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