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    Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    Banksy brings Guantanamo to Disneyland

    The ingenious Banksy has a how-he-did-it video posted of his juant to Disneyland. The stunt was intended to highlight the plight of terror suspects at the controversial detention centre in Cuba. What better place than the so-called 'happiest place on earth'. Banksy is notorious for his secretive and subversive stunts - such as sneaking doctored versions of classic paintings into major art galleries. The hooded figure was placed inside the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride. It is understood to have remained in place for 90 minutes before the ride was closed down and the figure removed. Surely one day this man will get caught(we hope not!), but these videos are really flaunting his bravado.

    Happiest Place On Earth
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