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    Monday, March 20, 2006

    Great Media Scott!

    Life like print ads are sweeping the world's most prominent cities. In Paris, Stringfellows strip club have put the pole into pole dancing by cleverly designing their print campaign to work with existing lamp posts throughout the city. The ads are sharp, sexy and almost interactive in their appearance, providing the ultimate X factor that most advertising agencies only ever dream about.
    A piercing shop in Rotterdam has pushed that envelope even further with their 3D advertisement for their studio. This ad is both rich in aesthetics and practical in everyday use, in this case on a basketball court. Knowing what other types of piercings are available out there, it makes you wonder where the next ad is going to appear

    Both of these are incredibly imaginative uses of media. In such a cluttered world its nice to see people who arent afraid to take a leap.
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