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    Tuesday, March 07, 2006


    This was of big interest to me because my sister is at UPENN studying to be an urban planner. I love this Bruce Mau type stuff. I cant give away the details of her project, but this seemed like a familiar fantastic solution to me. Living in NYC, greenspaces arent even a consideration. I watch historic buildings torn down to create parking decks. So i applaud this student team and their eco-thinking. A team has submitted an entry to a land-reclamation competition in Philadelphia that proposes the reintroduction of cows to vacant land, Inhabitat reports. Front Studio team's entry to the Urban Voids suggests:

    Vacant lots around Philadelphia would be converted into agricultural plots, and the abandoned buildings that occupy many of those sites would stay put, only they'd become useful again in the context of the farm. As a community renewal effort, Farmadelphia would bring people together around both the labor and the rewards of having productive crops growing in the neighborhood. The farms would establish employment opportunities and encourage entrepreneurship among citizens who might want to sell their harvest to groceries or restaurants.

    Go get em laine!





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