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    Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    The Future

    Ive been posting less of late, but am more determined than ever to bring original thoughts and content to you. Well at least original thought, i don't have the time to go digging personally. More electronic paper news. Plastic Logic is developing licensable manufacturing solutions for printing thin and flexible active-matrix displays, Transtudio reports. Their electronic-paper imaging film enables highly portable, readable and power efficient displays, they claim. The initial application focus is e-readers (e.g. e-books, e-dictionaries, e-maps, e-newspapers). These displays will often be wirelessly connected to WAN devices such mobile phones and PDAs, allowing users to access content 'on-the-move' more comfortably and efficiently than is possible using a small integrated display.

    There has been much talk recently (and previously) about the death of newspapers. It appears though that now there has been rapid advancement of technologie to support a paperless paper. This is needed in my mind to save the newspaper industry. The proliferation of techology has many getting their news from their own source. If newspapers had an element of technology which allowed them to be embedded in our lives, they could keep their place as a content driver. Course picking it up at the end of the driveway doesnt hurt either. As media becomes solely consumer driven (covergence will eliminate the overriding dependence on technology), certain channels will win. Newspapers might actually have a better shot, since often they do have excellent writers. Is this a media equilizer??
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