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    Friday, January 27, 2006

    Great Idea said the Sarcastic Genius

    Disney is either still hitting home runs or shooting blanks. Buying Pixar good. Creating Devo 2.0, aka DEV2.0, ehhhhh. Disney has created a youth Devo cover band aka DEV2.0. While initially many said this is attack of the sequels yet again, BoingBoing contributors brought about another view. What about the parents who buy those sing-a-long type cds to listen along with their kids? They must be so tired of listening to the Baby Beluga set; they would prefer listening to a cover band of a group they used to listen to or are at least more familiar with. If the target is the parents and not the kids, that is great targeting by Disney. In fact Brillant. These are the people buying the products anyways, and one more song by fragglerock could put them over the edge. I will say Disney scares with me all its kid stuff, along with nickelodeon. Is it legal to have these kids slaving away like this pretending to live in the 80's? All of a sudden i feel really old and im not even 30 yet.
    Dont Say I Didnt Warn You




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