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    Tuesday, January 24, 2006

    Banner Year

    Brand Channel has a great list of the top brands of 2005 as decided by you the consumer. To little surprise behemoth Google sits atop the charts with Apple not far behind. Google must be riding that Google Earth thing, which is fascinating. It would be interesting to see if Apple could be broken down to ipod or itunes. While it seems extremely visible, it still has less than a 5% share of the pc world. Skype makes an appearance as well. I had no idea the global impact this brand has. I have a great PP presentation from its founder, thats simple and clean for anyone who wants to get ideas out quickly.

    Interesting as well is the breakdown by geographical reason. USA loves its Lance Armstrong. Asia is apparently still obsessed with electronics but HBSC? weird. Latin America loves its Corona and Bacardi. Why else would one want to go there? Cemex, a cement manufacturer at the 5th spot. Is everyone and their neighbor building halfpipes or burying uncle jose in the ground? People are strange....
    No Cidlow?


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