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    Thursday, January 05, 2006

    Fat America

    I just saw this disturbing trend.

    Over 60 percent of U.S. adults, age 20 years and older, are overweight, almost half of them are obese. More than half a million people are dying each year due to poor diet and physical inactivity. The cost of diet-related diseases is up in the 70 – 80 millions annually. The fight against fat is also no longer just an American problem. In Europe, 20 percent of kids ages 5 to 17 are obese and in China there are 290 million kids suffering from obesity. Although the main cause of obesity is still believed to be the excessive intake of calories combined with insufficient exercise, the United States Department of Health and Human Services last year officially classified obesity as a disease. (ARE YOU SERIOUS??) As a result, Medicare now covers obesity-related health problems, as long as the treatment is proven to be effective. But aside to that, a variety of other models and business ideas are emerging trying to help and even hoping to get their part of the market.

    Megatrend: Wellness
    As obesity starts to become a worldwide problem government offices as well as private businesses try to win the fight against the pounds with a variety of new approaches. I have heard about an Indian airline that wont allow overweight employees to fly, since it costs them more money in fuel. I just find the stat extremely disturbing and a major indicator of some serious downfalls in our society. Go outside and play in the woods!!!! if you got woods...





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