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    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    Dont Play This Game!

    Ian Bogost and Persuasive Games have just released Disaffected!, a parodical critique of working life at FedEx Kinko’s, a source of frustration from its patrons. It's part of a new series of persuasive games the developers call anti- advergames (games that challenge players to rethink their relationship with consumption and encourage corporate critique.)
    "The player controls one or more employees behind the counter at a typical copy store. As each level starts, customers enter the store through the front doors and line up behind the cashiers at the counters. The player must try to find and deliver each customer's order. Obstacles include confused employees, employees who refuse to work, employees who move orders around indiscriminately so the player cannot find them." Hmmm how often do people become disenfranchised with advertising? But why us and not the companies themselves, dare i ask? I assume they then go off and be hippies in the woods or something. Kudos for making people examine how they filter info and making a water cooler game out of it. I really want to see a Walmart game.
    have you seen my stapler?




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