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    Wednesday, December 21, 2005

    What People Want:

    A look back at 2005 wouldn't be complete without some lists. Ok i know its a little early to call the year and i will be blogging extensively from home during my work break, but here are some of the most popular searches this year on Google. Some are quite interesting looks into pop culture and people's behavior. - Top Gainers of 2005
    1. Myspace
    2. Ares
    3. Baidu
    4. wikipedia
    5. orkut
    6. iTunes
    7. Sky News
    8. World of Warcraft
    9. Green Day
    10. Leonardo da Vinci

    The Force vs. Darkside

    Good to know the Force is still winning(the search war).

    Google News - Top Searches in 2005
    1. Janet Jackson
    2. Hurricane Katrina
    3. tsunami
    4. xbox 360
    5. Brad Pitt
    6. Michael Jackson
    7. American Idol
    8. Britney Spears
    9. Angelina Jolie
    10. Harry Potter
    *Nice to see that despite all the happenings of 2005, Janet's wardrobe malfunction was still the more popular than Katrina or the 360.


    Snowboarding, a newer phenomenon than the other two, shows a distinctly seasonal pattern – after all, it’s most effective when there’s snow. But regardless of geography or season, each adrenaline pumper has its own partisans and plenty of search interest. Surfing is still the best and we know it.

    Natural Disasters

    Year End Blow-out




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