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    Tuesday, December 20, 2005

    The City that never sleeps takes a hike

    A modern strike allows for some modern solutions. When talks began to sour, Craigslist filled with hundreds of posters looking for rideshares to and from work on Tuesday. City websites offered New York's netizens .pdf files of traffic routes and restrictions. And untold thousands became telecommuters overnight. But for those who needed to show up to work, the remedies were decidedly old-fashioned: walk, bike, or, if they had enough people to fill a car, sit in miles of gridlock. I give it to New Yorkers for some ingenious solutions. What i would really like to know is if this will change behavior. London has started controlling traffic by excising a tax on cars not carpooling and entering the city. Simliar studies have produced astounding results. NY is a chaotic system at best, but the transit strike demonstrates the role that public transporation plays in daily lives. Where is our solution Bruce Mau?
    Carpool is here


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