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    Wednesday, December 07, 2005

    The Madness

    CBS is offering March Madness Online for free. HALLELUJAH!!!! So many years of being forced to watch crappy Southwest Fla versus Iona games. NCAA March Madness on Demand, will be a streaming webcast. CBS had been offering the games online as part of a subscription, but this year the NCAA Tournament will be available for free at he webcasts will be free through the regional semifinals, and there will be web blackouts for games aired in local television markets. Press conferences and highlights are also part of the package. CBS doesnt think this will take away from television ratings, or erode subscribers to the Direct TV package because viewers tend to watch something online if they are already in front of a computer - but they watch television if they are home. This applies not only to office workers, but college students as well. It is less a money-earner than a technology and marketing test, an opportunity to see if free content can attract enough viewers to pull in advertising revenue.




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