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    Tuesday, December 13, 2005

    Flash Jacket

    Pinky Tuscadero wore pink, Leather Tuscadero wore Leather. Where does that leave the wearer of this jacket? StrideLite have shed new light on the bike riders safety jacket by inventing the illuminated safety jacket . The jacket is made up of 24 micro thin Electroluminescent lamps that are as flexible as they are bright. The lights are good for 300 hours before you need to change the batteries ( 2 AAA ) and are incased in a totally waterproof shell. The jacket itself is made from a totally breathable technically advanced fabric and can be fit for your particular needs ( ie walking, riding running ). The jacket can live longer than Joan Collins' mother with it's 20,000 hour total life span ( 6 hrs p/d -365 dys- 9 years ). Who knows? In nine years the new model may have wings .




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