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    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Your Brain sponsored by Google

    Google Inc. has offered to blanket San Francisco with free wireless Internet access at no cost to the city. The offer by the popular Mountain View search engine was one of more than a dozen competing bids received by the city before its deadline Friday. Officials will review the submissions and decide which, if any, of the candidates gets the green light to build the so called Wi-Fi service, which would be free or inexpensive for users. In joining the competition, Google is showing yet another sign of its ambition. In the past few months, the company has released a succession of new products, including instant messaging and Internet telephone calls, that take it further from its roots. The proposal raises speculation that Google intends to create a free national Wi-Fi network, a business in which the company has limited experience. If so, it could pose a serious challenge to existing Internet service providers such as SBC-Yahoo, Earthlink, Comcast and America Online, which charge subscriptions for wire connections.

    This is old news at this point, but Google seems hellbent on dominating the information in our world. Not only will they own search but how access that search. Slowly but surely they will takeover other areas like mcdonalds and general motors. Eventually we will all lie in cryogenetic tubes being feud intraneurally by Feeder Google machines. scary stuff. i wonder how the other bids look.
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