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    Friday, October 21, 2005


    Redundant churches in UK towns are increasingly becoming unserious places. The most common new uses for an old church are as blocks of apartments, community centres, recording studios and libraries though some have found a more exotic destiny. St Benedict's church in Manchester has become the Manchester Climbing Centre and a vertical wall with moulded footholds now occupies its tall nave (see photo gallery). Churches have been turned into pubs too: Wetherspoon's, a pub chain, has recently taken over an 18th-century Baptist church in Folkestone, keeping organ pipes and stained glass in place. In Cheltenham, people can go and drink in the Pulpit, another ex-church. And if the project is granted planning permission, a church in Westminster in London will soon become a health spa, with a nail bar in the crypt and a sauna in the chancel.

    I find it extremely interesting that religion is in such decline people feel a need to use these spaces. America has experienced similar trends but not on such an evident scale. In Europe space is more premium, but a church to a pub? Wow, ok you brits get your drink on if you must. Though they might have finally found a way for me to get to church for once.
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