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    Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    Some new hotness

    Philips has created a buzz with the anouncement of some exciting new smart concept products and ideas that target the hip lifestyle consumer, which means you. The products include: THE CHAMELEON, a lamp shade that changes to match any color you 'show' it. MOMENTO stores the most cherished moments, recorded as short movie clips, and replays them as floating magical fragments in a glass ball. HERBARIUM, an intelligent greenhouse designed to provide the best climate for growing health-giving herbs from smart seed pads. LED Bulbs can be (re) adjusted by twisting for the color and atmosphere right at the source. Hmmmm who doesnt want to grow herb ehem herbs in a light box tube thingie? Im glad to see someone out there is thinking besides apple.
    ohhhhlala Phillips gets mad crazy inventive


    Anonymous,  10:54 AM  

    When is Apple going to open up?
    It's easy for us to lean over someone's shoulder as their Windows laptop shudders to a halt with a Blue Screen of Death, and whisper: "There's a better way, you know.
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