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    Wednesday, October 05, 2005

    Moo Shoo Skate

    Influx, one of my favorite sites...even if they ignore my emails has a great post today. I had to relay...So Danny Way jumped over the Great Wall this summer, and now China is building the world's largest skatepark. And trust me its ginormous to be understated. Its currently coming in at around 12,000 square meters!
    "Clearly, China wants to be the global power in extreme sports. China even has a government minister in charge of extreme sports, a position that Tony Hawk probably comes closest to occupying here in the US. One could easily be lulled into believing the becoming an extreme sports power was the last thing on China's mind. However, it makes sense, as thanks to the efforts of ESPN, its now a global sport that has the eyes of millions of young adults worldwide, eyes that will increasingly looking to China for the latest events. The other point it raises is how fast China is moving. It is easy and comforting to assume that there is a linear progression to China's development: from agrarian to industrial to information. What if industrial and information occur simultaneously, like they are? What if China's development curve looks less like our all history books on the development of civilization and more like Moore's Law?" hmm influx always asks the good ones...
    Skate or Die


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