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    Friday, March 20, 2009

    Levels of Conversations- Twitter Addiction

    So ive been absent on here, as ive fallen completely head over heels into the world of twitter. Its a different scope of communication, but one that has superseded this blog (sorry). Twitter is a more instantaneous, rapid way of conversing. Much of what prevents me from posting on here is the actual time to collect and organize my thoughts. Lame to say but tougher than one might think after a full day of doing so.

    Twitter is a more instant brain dump so of course im taking the easier way out and migrating there. This year for the superbowl, more folks were conversing on twitter vs live-blogging bc/ its more conversational. That was really my original aim for starting my blog. Dont worry, still lots of goodie content to come on LF but you can reach me in my day-to-day mode there.

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