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    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    Living the ALife

    InquiringMind Magazine has a behind the scenes peek at one of the original NYC streetbrands, ALIFE. ALife has been a truly original brand, establishing itself through mainly footwear and growing the brand to a global conglomerate. Their followers are nothing short of rabid, as I can attest to standing for almost 3 hours with 60+ folks for a red/flourescent green t-shirt down on Rivington. InquiringMind has an extremely candid and open conversation with its founders, Rob, Arnaud & Matt. They let loose on their creative backgrounds in graffiti, professional deathshifts of business and advertising, and how their love of brands developed into Alife. The guys take the time to discuss their thoughts on the overplayed art/street movement, which brands can step to them, who else could do a worthy collabo with Levi's. Hint: Ego plays a big role in this discussion. With that being said, its great to see the mindset and motivations of major streetwear players. They even give us a hint of where the scene might go next. All you kids thinking of creating the next big hit, take a read and see what you are up against. It might make you think twice.





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