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    Friday, April 18, 2008

    Lifefilter Links 4.14.08 - 4.18.08

    Lifefilter's Links for w/o April 14th:

    Fiji Water to Go Carbon Negative
    Fiji Water has just announced its going to not only reduce its environ-footprint, but through renewable energy products reduce carbon in the air. Finally a company gets it right!

    The New News Process
    Jeff Jarvis has a great article on the new ecosystem of news publishing; changing from a press-centric to proactive consumer model.

    iPhone Gets a Visual Search Engine
    Google may finally have a run for its money. A visual search (already available in Japan), is coming to the iPhone to let us track the things that dazzle us.

    Packaging Goodness
    Can a package be virtuous? Ya know, like you and me? TheDieLine debates.

    Wine by the Tube
    I can’t help to think it looks like makeup, but apparently wine samples in tubes are the latest and greatest. First the cork, now this!

    Sneaker Vending Machine
    Onisuka Tiger has created the world’s first vending machine filled with shoes, and is taking it on a national tour of the UK. Hello Nike isn’t this your territory?

    Remember the mixtape, the most perfect gift for anyone, anytime. Muxtape brings it back in a digitally friendly format.

    The NYC Farm
    New York Magazine asked 4 architects to create buildings for land on Canal and Varick. See their concepts.

    Oakley’s Red Camera Prototypes
    Oakley’s innovative Red Camera division continues to pump out HD pro-grade consumer cameras. Calling all movie directors.

    Raw Chocolate
    A new artisan chocolate aims at preserving the raw vitality of things like electrolytes and anti-oxidants through a low-heat creation process.

    The Endangered Record Store
    This may come as no surprise, but everyone’s favorite aural curator is going the way of the dinosaur. Be afraid.

    Accenture’s Television in Transition report
    In an interesting consumer report asked consumers about TV, and surprise – they listed commercials as the worst part of Live TV. What can advertisers do before they lose their audience?

    Best Margaritas in Midtown
    Glorious weather means good times to be had outside. Gridskipper tells us about a few hotspots for sippin on Margaritas.


    WenDrie 2:45 PM  

    Ross you spend way too much time on the internet! Crazy.

    Ross Cidlowski 10:46 AM  

    You have no idea...addiction is probably a good word to describe it



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