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    Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    The Watch

    Im coming to the slow realization that my occupation allows for little time to blog...or anything else for that matter. So i will have to cede any thoughts of my own for some from other sources. A few things of interest on the intranets for your inspiration.

    Magnetic Pushpin Cushin - Seems to turn magnets and pushpins on a sphere. Fix them to any surface and leave messages to your hearts content.

    The future of web tech? - Seems Google may almost be dead in its tracks if new semantic web searches come to fruition. Semantics embed information in practically everything to make greater associations simpler and faster. Think Mash-ups without having to create some weird program...

    Best of Lifehacker - Organize your life to actually be productive for once.

    PSFK Conference - Will be in attendance with a co-worker. Anyone fancy a hello? Lineup looks good as always.

    Krups Heineken Review - This is the future ladies and gents! Personalized brews and drinks in your own home. Probably will be one size fits all machine for coffee to soda to Gatorade. Dear Heineken, please send me one!

    Facebook matches blood donors - Finally something worthy for social networking.

    Apple's Design Process - Some insight into the process Apple's creators go through for new product concepts. HA! I know a company that does twice as many...

    Japanese Schoolgirl Watch - Weird but futuristically advanced. The chart topping voice is synthesized yet grabs the kids like idol. Who knew Britney would be replaced by a robot?

    Lenticular Clouds - Via Designverb - Cant forget mother nature can we? I sure do miss her in this jungle. These are just awesome.


    erin 3:10 PM  

    Ross, I totally feel you on the slow realization that the life of a full-time employed planner is hard-pressed for time to blog and think. Damnit! We have to build it into the system and be able to charge clients for the ROI we'll be able to provide if we just take 30 minutes to socially and mentally connect outside of ourselves. I only see collaborative efforts increasing in the future, we have to keep ourselves prepared for that.

    Rock on.

    Ross Cidlowski 10:10 PM  

    Hmmm good call Erin. Id love to be able to give my client access to something like this. I think at this added value is something they could certainly pay for. How much i'm not exactly sure, something in the power of free.

    Now if i can only get someone to write this blog and i approve, thats what i call collaborative...



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