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    Monday, March 24, 2008

    ProActiv Vends

    I completely forgot about this till today. When out in CA, i saw this brilliant take on vending machines. Im not obsessed with them or anything like that, but i find some satisfaction in a machine servicing a product without having to ask a clerk to grab it or searching the aisles incessantly. And i haven't even been to Japan yet, where apparently you can buy anything next to a car in a machine.

    Pro-Activ has these great vending machines scattered about (the country?). Super smart. This not only cuts out a frustrating over-the-phone experience, but also gives the consumer a chance to buy directly. This supercedes even something like the king of easy, web sales has owned. What better place to put this than at the mall, the habitual long-time hangout of teenagers and young folks? Very nice to see some smart thinking around consumer needs within their current lifestyle. I give this sales model a thumbs up on technology, thumbs up on placement, and a big high five on the direct to consumer distribution.

    Lvhrd has a great post on the black market economy of Proactiv right here




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