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    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    Shameful Advertising

    Wrong for so many reasons from the spelling to the gratuitous use of illegal narcotics. I won't even try to address the strategy. Sisley is typified for the poetic license it exercises to put women in compromising positions, and now has introduced this great spot. For previous Sisley stuff, check out this tasteful campaign. There is also some debate as to the authenticity of the white elephant on the card, which makes it all the more wrong. Fashion advertising has always been among the most controversial (it does get old looking at the models huh), and this seems to fit right in.

    I don't really have a problem with objects being used like drugs or the inclusion of a drug-behavior(minus the drugs), but there are decency and moral issues when it involves actual drugs. This is something the public looks at, and it involves something that the public can't use. Looks like we have a new winner in most shocking ad category. Look out Benetton!



    Age 5:27 AM  

    shit ad for a shit company. I hope they get smacked for this rubbish... hard.

    effie_kats 12:36 PM  

    this may be seen as a vulgar advertising campaign which allegedly places women in a "compromising" position, but lets look beyond the models wearing haute couture, snorting cocaine and look at the wider political implications of this image. The reality is that cocaine and drug addiction is a major problem the world faces and rather than censor it, sisley has thrust it into the public eye, creating an awareness for the issue, that is real and confronting! perhaps it is the jolt the public needs to start addressing these issues rather than petulantly spatting at those who do face drug addiction and sweeping the issue under the carpet!

    Ross Cidlowski 2:22 PM  


    I applaud your looking on the bright side here towards awareness, but this campaign glorifies the illicit drug use. Nothing about this ad promotes rehabilitation or remotely supports helping drug-users in a positive light. If so, there would be some type of organization which promotes or enables positive social change. Cause Sisley isn't.

    It is alluding to fashion as being as cool as cocaine and is trying to sell the products through its use. Not to mention the illegal use of Chase credit card. I highly doubt the company would authorize a company to use its product in that light. This to me is still a shoddy amateurish ad.

    effie_kats 7:25 AM  

    does it really glorify illicit drug use though? It's not as though the girls are laughing or looking as though they are enjoying themselves in any way! They look ill and onlookers first thoughts would be that these women need help, it hardly presents them in a positive light, so in saying all of that, i believe it is promoting positive social change in that it presents a disturbing image of drug users. In any case however, that is my personal opinion and the ad can and has been interpreted in many different ways.

    Ross Cidlowski 10:27 AM  


    I appreciate the dialog you are bringing and you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but you seem incredulous to the situation here. Are you in any way associated with the construction of this ad?

    There are ethics in advertising, and most countries including the United States(location of this blog) have laws and rules about what can appear in advertisements. Drug paraphernalia, drugs, or simulated drug use are all ILLEGAL in branded communications. Nor do i know any companies that want to portray an association with these narcotics(there are fines for this). The problem being that drugs aren't acceptable within society, and are potentially influential on younger generations. Selling a product through mimicking drug behavior is deplorable and disgusting. Yes these women look ill, but consider the CONTEXT. Its SELLING A PRODUCT. Their behaviors are a vehicle to purchase the dress. And they are doing drugs. That portrays the dress as desirable such as the drug, the white powder they are snorting. That doesn't raise awareness to a problem but rather exploits it in an attempt to gain business.

    Ill mannered glorification will not raise awareness of drugs, it instead encourages its usage. This communication is a public media, and this is wrong. This has no place in society. Consider your conscious here. Age is right on with the first comment on this page.

    effie_kats 1:36 AM  
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