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    Monday, July 23, 2007

    Schmap Miami: Lifefilter Photos

    An Internet Travel site, Schmap, was kind enough to include a photo of mine in its World Travel Guide 2007 featuring Miami. The travel site uses consumer photos to plug restaurants, hotels, nightlife and excursions. It then allows consumers to download widgets customized to your continent, town or excursion type. Interesting marriage of Web 2.0 with UGC. I am a little unclear on who uses the site and who promotes it, but im all for social experiments. I myself was contacted about my photo being selected, with was pretty cool in my mind. Schmap allows people to download maps for towns, so you can have a custom itinerary, should you want one. I bet we will see more and more of these user-generated type sites, as consumers take on the producer powers that be. Case in point, i have two friends who recently bought very nice printers, strictly to be used for photographs, not even word documents. We are all producers today. Heck, i am in a travel guide..





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