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    Saturday, April 07, 2007

    Whole Foods Shows Your Local Organic Sources

    A new Whole Foods has opened up on Houston St on the east side of Manhattan. It is absolutely an absoultely amazing space, with a cooking school, sushi bar, pomme frites bar, and a whole body shop upstairs. What i love the most though is the fact that they show you where the foods come from. There has been a lot of debate lately about organics versus locally grown produce. The consensus is that local is better than organics flown in from argentina because it supports the local economy and causes less pollution. They also have another board which shows imported foods from various countries. As far as i know this is the only Whole Foods or grocery store that visually shows the origin of the food they sell. The visual impact is much greater than any written label. Washington Apples or Upstate New York strawberries will always be sweeter than generic organic produce. Great idea to establish WF as supporting local farmers. Would have loved to have taken more photos but we got kindly chased away.


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