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    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    Manhattan Chocolate Tours

    It doesnt just have to be edible these days. We want to know where did it come from, what was it fed, heck whats the name of the town. Origins and Sourcing are two hot trends of the food world at the moment. Consumers want to know everything behind a product, most especially when it comes to food. Chocolate has been going through a recent innovation spike, that was also noted in the NYTimes. Now a chocolate sommlier of Michel Cluziel has started chocolate walking tours in New York City. There are three tours: uptown (traditional glamour and class), union square (trendy), and downtown - soho (adventurous). A great way to indulge in New York for all you cocoa fanatics. Especially if you aren't into the Hamptons thing. Check out the handy Google Maps feature!

    Walking Indulgence

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